Appeal from Secretary Maharaj


1. We are deeply mourneJ for the sudden demise or SWAMI NITYANANDA MAHARAJ the founder of, Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission, Barrackpore, in his memory, followers attended his Bhandara here on 18.01.2018. Subsequent Bhandara of Swami Nityananda Maharaj will be held at Mandarinoni on 18.01.19. We welcome all to pay their heartfelt respect to Swami Nityananda Maharaj.

2. If you find any poor deaf & dumb or blind girl below 8 years, kindly ask her guardian to contact us for her free accommodation and training at Rural Centre of this Mission at the village Suryapur, 24 Pgs (N).

3. If you find any poor lady between the ages of 16 & 30 who may be aged, unmarried, married but deserted by the husband, young widow or anyone otherwise helpless, kindly advise her to contact us for her economic rehabilitation through some residential Vocational Training at Barrackpore.

4. if you have anything to spare for the poor, old or new, kindly write to us or give us a ring 2592-0547 to enable us to collect the same from your house and distribute the same among the poor. God will bless you.

5. You will pleased to know that we cater the need of 1400 poor & destitute children free of cost through residential care & education / training. It will be helpful for us if you could sponsor such a boy / girl by paying Rs. 1200/- p.m. in cheque / D.D. favouring Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission which is entitled to Tax Examption u/s 80G. Donations given to Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission and Vivekananda Math are exempt under section 80G. of Income Tax Act.

Swami Nityarupananda

RKV Mission